How To Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper

ATTENTION– Batch A, B, C Youth Corpers…


To Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper”

…Even If You Had A 3rd Class,
Was Posted To A Village And Have No Connection (Or Long Legs)

Dear friend,

If you are a youth corper or a prospective corp member and you want to enjoy your service year, without struggling with finance by discovering proven ways to generate steady extra income MONTHLY (apart from your monthly allawee), so that you can…

  • Live comfortably as a corper without depending on other corpers or parents
  • Escape the hunger and frustration some other corpers experience
  • live comfortably no matter how long allawee payments are delays (This happens many times)
  • depend less on your state allawee or local government allawee (Which most state do not pay)
  • Pay your rent and buy yourself nice clothes (and whatever you want) , just like some of the highest paid medical doctors serving in your state).
  • Appreciate your parents for how far they’ve trained you by sending them money from time to time, rather than beg them to send you money.
  • Save enough MONEY to start a business or do whatever you like

…So if you would love to enjoy these benefits as a corper, read this page carefully.

Because You’re About To Discover A Step By Step
System For Generating Money As A Corper , In Any State , No Matter Your Course
Of Study.

And this works whether you have a 1st Class or a 3rd Class.

It doesn’t matter your tribe or where you’re from.  Your age or gender.

It doesn’t matter where you are posted to.  Whether it’s a state in the North, the East,
south or west.

But Before I Reveal These Secrets To You, Here’s A
Brief Story About Myself And Why You Should Take This Seriously.



My name is Igbaji, Ugabi Chinwendu I am from Cross River State. For the past 2 years I have helped youth corpers overcome different challenges and problems associated with life during and after the NYSC and service.

I’ve done this primary using my blog/website


My Experience The Biggest Problem Corpers Have


And as you prepare to serve your father land, you are likely thinking of MONEY too.

You are likely thinking about where you’ll be posted to and how to survive with the meagre N19, 800 allowance, given the present hard time.

are likely thinking about the state and the local government you’ll be posted

You wonder what job you’ll be posted to do: whether it will be a local government council
job or a teaching job at a local public school.

You wonder whether you’ll be posted to one faraway village or inside the state capital.

You may even start thinking about working your service to a particular state or pray that God sends you to the right place.

And if you are not thinking about these things, PLEASE you should.


You Need Money To Survive As A Corper.

 Like you already know, the prices of goods, services and food are flying HIGH, while salaries and your allawee remains the same.

How To Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper

For example a bag of rice is no over 20k.

No one knows when the NYSC allowance or the minimum wage will be increased. (If that will ever happen soon).

So you need to make plans about your service year.

Is Why You Need To Think About Generating Extra Income.

If you don’t, how are you going to pay your rent?

If you are lucky, you can be posted to place with a residence. But if you are not,
what will you do?

You have to pay your rent.

You have to feed yourself.

You need to dress well too (you can’t wear your NYSC uniform every single day)

That’s Not All.

 If your parents are like most parents, as you prepare for service, they breathe a sigh of relief and finally believe you will stop depending on them. (Or at least won’t fully depend on them)

They now expect you can take care of yourself.  (Some may even STOP giving you money

In fact some parents may expect you to start sending some money back home.

Your brother or sister (if you have any) now expects you to send money back to them
every month.

As You Can See, The Responsibilities of A Youth Corper Is REAL And BIG.

I am not saying this to scare you. It’s just the TRUTH.

But there’s good news.

You are about to discover many proven ways to generate legit extra income to take
care of yourself and handle any other responsibility.

And this works no matter what you read in school and the grade you graduated with.

You’ll see these secrets for yourself in a moment.

But first, let’s specifically see what an extra income can do for you as a youth corper.

What An Extra 10k, 30k Or 50k Do For You As A Corper Every Month

Just in case you think 10k is too small. Let’s break down what an extra 10k can do
for you as a corper.

It Will Take Care Of Your Food

An extra 10k may not be able to buy you a bag of rice, but it can handle your food
for a week or 2 weeks (depending on whether you cook or eat out ).

It Can Buy Nice Clothes

With an extra 10k a month you can buy yourself nice clothes.

Yes, I know 10k may not buy you’re the most expensive designer clothes, but it can
buy good clothes .

It Can Help With Paying Your Rent

An extra 10k monthly can go a long way in paying your rent. With an extra 20k or
50k your rent is paid without stress.

It Can Start A Small Business

With an extra 10k, 30k or 50k every month, you can easily start a small business or start
saving money to start any business you like.

It is Money You Can Save

If you just want to save money till the end of your service year, an extra 10k (or
30k or 50k) a month provides you with such funds.

You can easily save 5k, 10k or 30k a month from the extra income you make.

So at the end of a year you could have 100k, 200k or even 300k to do anything you

Imagine what you can do with an extra 100k, 200k or even 300k as you pass out from

Some of these sums may sound impossible but I tell you, it is very feasible.

And if a measly 10k can handle some of these needs of yours.

What You Can Do With An Extra 20k. Or 30K Or 50k.

Imagine how sweet your service year would be with an extra 50k a month.

Imagine the respect you’ll get from your fellow corpers when they notice that you are never
worried about when allawee will be paid.

They notice that you buy anything you like.

While other corpers panic and worry about money, all you do is wake up in the morning
and go about your business.

On the day allawee is paid, you don’t go running to the bank, desperate to
withdraw money. You just relax and take your time.

And it’s all because of the extra 10k -50k you have generated for the month.

Friend, this is possible.

And that’s why I created this training for you.

You’ll see the training in a moment.

Just before then let’s deals with a question many people ask.


It Is POSSIBLE To Generate Extra Income As A Corper?

Well, yes. And here’s 1 reason why this is possible and why need to take this
training seriously

Reason 1: Service Year Is 1 Year Of FREE Time

From my experience (and from the experience of other corpers), service year is 1 free year. 1 year of free TIME .

Yes. Most corpers like you will have a lot of FREE time especially if you work in the ministry and if you work as a teacher in a school.

And even if you work anywhere else.

So because you’ll have free time, this means you’ll have time to practice the secrets in the training and generate extra income for yourself.


You Are A Lady This Training Will Help You Avoid Strange Happenings In Camp

When I was a corper, there’s something I hated in camp. And it happens in almost all
NYSC camps.

It happens because of desperation and ignorance.

You see, sometimes to get posted to the state capital (or city) or a (so called) good
place of primary assignment, a few female corpers sleep with the NYSC officials.

Some ladies even sleep with the soldiers. Yes, the soldiers.

And the guys bribe the officials (if they can).

Guess What?

Some of these ladies were still posted to the villages. Some regretted their actions.

Some were posted to town but still got a place that didn’t really work out.


If you are lady reading this, I am not judging you or condemning ladies who did this. I understand that sometimes you must use what you have to get the best for yourself.

But I Tell You, There’s A Better Way.

You don’t have to give a man your body in exchange for a good posting.

Please you don’t have to do that.

When you get this training, you will avoid this nasty situation. You’ll avoid desperate
actions that only lead to regrets.

When you get this training, you will make an extra 10, 30 or 50k every month, no matter
where you are posted to.

That training is called…

To Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper

How To Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper

This is a comprehensive, step by step; training that reveals how to generate an
extra 10k, 30k or 50k every month as a youth corper.

This training reveals the same secrets used by a few youth corpers to survive service
year and come out with lots of money in the bank.

Are The Different Things You’ll Discover In This Training :

1. How to transform the simple knowledge you already have into cold cash (no matter what you read in school)

2. How to generate cash monthly with simple skills you already have

3. How to start a simple business with as low as 5- 10k as a corper that generates 10k
-50k monthly

4. How to generate a minimum of 10- 50k every month as a corper even if you are posted to the remotest village in any state in Nigeria (even in the remotest village in the North)

5. How and where to get another easy job so that you can earn DOUBLE salaries using
your free time

6. What you can do in any city to generate cash

7. How to start a small business as a corper without spending a dime of your money
(this works for people who have no capital)

8. How to generate money from your fun hobbies and from things you already do for FREE

9. How to transform your simple knowledge or academic knowledge into monthly cash 

10. Live examples of how to generate an extra 10k , 30k or 50k every month as a corper

And lots more.

What Other Corpers Say About This Training



I’ve bought information products online in the past to improve my skills but this is very different. All idea was straight to the point. Here is my Discharge certificate…off to hustle…With your idea…I don’t need job.



Guy you rock…thanks for blessing my ministry with this information.



Igbaji, May God bless you for showing me the way. I never knew I could be useful to myself and my people till I got in contact with this e-book. Thumbs up as you are helping the corps members achieve greatly.



Common bro, you are a blessing to this generation. Thanks for the package as you delivered on time and the contents delivered all you promised. Thanks


How Much Is This Valuable Training?

Well before I answer that I need you to understand the EXACT value of what you are
getting here.

Now let me ask you this.

If you could pay money in order to get a job that pays you 10k, 20k or 50k monthly
how much would you pay?

If could pay money so that you can get 120k, 240k, or 600k in 1 year (10 , 20, 50
times 12 ), how much would you pay for it.

Would you pay 20k to make 120k, 240k or 600k?

I am sure it makes sense to pay 10k to make 120k or 240k or 600k.

Well, this training will show you how to generate these kinds of sums…but you don’t
have to pay 50k, 20k or 10k for it.

You Invest Is Just N5000.

So for just N5000, you’ll discover the secrets of making 120k, 240 or 600k or more for the period of your service year.


Click on the Link And Order This
Training Now.

OR Make Bank Deposit or Transfer Today


And If You ORDER Today (Right NOW) You’ll Get This Special BONUS

How To Easily Save Any Extra Money You Make As A Corper

How To Make An Extra 10k, 30k Or Even 50k Every Month As A Youth Corper

The main training reveals how to generate an extra 10k – 50k a month as a youth corper.

After you start making this extra sum, you may, with excitement end up blowing this
money month after month.

So that’s why I also created this special bonus product that reveals how you can save
money as a corper.

And it’s not just the extra money you’ll make but any money you get.

Which means by the end of 1 year of service, you can go back home with more than 100k,
200k or even 300k.

And This Investment Is Protected
By A

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Which means you are covered by a FULL 1 year
money back guarantee.
This means you can order this training and try it for the full 1 year period of your service.

And if (for any reason) you don’t like the training. Or it does not get you the result as promised, then you are free to ask for your money back.

I am able to say this because I am confident that after you download this training you’ll be able to generate an extra 10k, 30k or 50k every month as a youth corper.

So go on and take Action.



You know how dangerous it is to travel off in your service year without planning about money.

You have already seen how important it is to generate an extra income. You have also seen how generating an extra income will make life easy and fun.

You have also seen that this training can help you achieve your financial GOALS.

Now it’s time to take ACTION.

You have 2 options.


Close this page.  Ignore this offer and go on with your life. Go off to your 1 year of service and get frustrated with the low pay you get.

 Go on and struggle with footing your bills and taking care of yourself in your place of primary assignment.

But that’s not the best option. The best option is option 2 .


Invest just 5000 NOW and discover the secrets to generating an extra 10k, 30 or 50k every month as a corper. And end up enjoying your service year.

With just 5k, you’ll make an extra 120k, 360k or 600k for your service year.  All apart from your monthly allowance. This is enough cash to buy whatever you want and live well as a corper.

To enjoy this , you have to TAKE ACTION.

Order NOW


You may be thinking of closing this page and buying this later. But that would be a

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy this NOW.

1. The Price Will Increase

The price is just N5000 for now. But in the next few days (or perhaps when you come
back to this page next Friday) the price may have doubled.

The price could be N10 000. And you’ll you may have to pay more to get this.

Order now to save money

2. When You Delay You Lose Money

See if you order this right now and take action, you’ll start making progress and money.

If you delay this for a month, 2 months or 3 months, you’ll lose the cash you would
have made in those months.

So the more you delay the more cash you’ll lose.

Take Action NOW.





PS- Discover how to make an extra 10k, 30k or even 50k every month as a youth corper”…even if you had a 3rd class, was posted to a village and have no connection (or long legs)

PPS- This training comes with a special BONUS training that will reveal how to save money as corper.

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